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Holistic Online Therapy in Colorado 
Anxiety & Panic Disorder Counseling for Young Adults


I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Alison deLassus and my pronouns are she/her.


I'm passionate about supporting young adults on their journey towards more authentic, fulfilling, and happy lives.

To read more about me, please visit my about page.


I look forward to connecting with you!

**Please note: I will be on maternity leave from late August 2024 - January 2025.**

100% online therapy and counseling for young adults in Colorado

Sometimes it feels like your emotions are ruling your life. You’re trying your best to cope, but you're tired and starting to doubt yourself. You wonder: Will I ever be happy? Will I ever have control over my emotions? Control over my own life? Who am I really?

You don’t have to go through it all on your own. I help young adults in their 20s and 30s navigate difficult emotions and transitions so they can create more authentic, fulfilling, and happy lives. I specialize in anxiety and panic disorder.

Therapy with me involves:


  • Weekly or biweekly 50-minute sessions so we can keep momentum and progress going

  • Using a combination of: 

- Mindfulness: to practice being in the present moment without judging yourself or your experience

- Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): to explore concrete skills that help you feel better now

- Internal Family Systems (IFS): to understand yourself on a deeper level and develop self-compassion

- Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): to gain more awareness of your thinking patterns and what’s helping vs getting in the way


  • Implementing small changes over time so you can keep aligning with your goals and how you want to live your life


  • Regular check-ins to make sure you’re getting what you need out of therapy


  • Unwavering support, compassion, and curiosity from me


By the end of therapy you will…


  • Have concrete skills that help you manage anxiety, panic, and stress


  • Be able to handle your emotions without pushing them away


  • Feel empowered and confident in your ability to handle life’s ups and downs


  • Feel in touch with your own inner wisdom

  • Understand and LOVE yourself on a deeper level

Ready for a free 15-minute phone consultation? Please contact me to schedule:


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