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Mountain Lake

Individual Therapy

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What I Help With

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Intense emotions
- Relationship problems
- Difficult transitions

My services are 100% teletherapy (secure online video platform).
Because of this, I can provide services to anyone residing in the state of Colorado.

I offer weekly and biweekly sessions. During our initial consultation we will discuss the option that works best for you and then book an ongoing appointment day and time.

Curious about online therapy and how it works? Read my blog post here.

Have more questions about therapy in general? Visit my FAQ page. 

My Therapeutic Approaches

Dialectical Behavior Therapy



A mindfulness-based therapy that focuses on regulating emotions, coping with distress and difficulty in a healthy way, improving relationships and communication with others, and cultivating mindfulness.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy



A therapy that focuses on the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; revealing unhelpful thought patterns and restructuring them in a way that is more effective and empowering, ultimately creating more self-awareness and control.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy



A therapeutic approach that values and explores your desires for the future. The focus is on moving forward and not backwards; identifying realistic steps and figuring out how to overcome obstacles to get to where you want to go in life. 



Holistic therapy means incorporating the mind, body, and spirit in treatment in order to create optimal wellness. I understand and celebrate that every person will have a unique way of experiencing their mind, body, and spirit. In addition to exploring your personal values and what works best for you, I like to share ways you can use mindfulness/ meditation as tools to enhance your mental health and overall well-being.

Ready for a free 15-minute phone consultation? Please contact me to schedule!


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